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University Students

At Exeter University?

“Probably the best University in the world” - then come to “Probably the best livery yard In the world”!!!!!!!

We are just 10 minutes drive from both the campus and areas such as Mount Pleasant where most of the student accommodation is situated. If you can’t drive we are also on a main bus route that drops off at the top of our drive with buses leaving every 15 minutes.

We have had many students with us over the last 5 years – read what some of them have to say....

I have kept my horses at Newhall for the last two years of my degree. I found the yard to be really friendly and very professionally run. If ever I could not make it up to the yard or was away competing then I trusted all of the staff to look after my horses and I knew everything would always be done as requested

The indoor school was a real bonus as I could ride whenever I wanted and whatever the weather. I made full use of the horsewalker for my fittening work and what more I could not drive a lorry yet, so Kayte & Jon took me out and about whenever they were competing and I was able to tag along.

Newhall was ideally situated just 10 minutes drive from the university and once more when my car broke down on several occasions it was on the main bus route with buses leaving every 15 minutes. Kayte & Jon also introduced me to other students keeping their horses with them and we could even share cars when we needed to.

For anyone looking to go to Exeter University, I would really recommend you keep your horse at Newhall you won’t find better standards, facilities and anything closer!!!!!

Lottie Hodges

I have been at Exeter University for the last two years and for the first year I kept my own horse at Newhall and then for the second year I wanted a more competitive horse so I loaned one of Kayte & Jon’s schoolmasters.

I had a great time, the horses were always happy and well looked after with lots of turnout & big stables and the indoor schools allowed me to ride whenever I wanted.

I Cant drive so because Newhall was on the main bus route it allowed me to have a horse whilst I was at University – which I never thought would be possible. The staff became my friends and Kayte & Jon taught me so much – I will miss you all and I would recommend you to anyone looking to keep a horse whilst at university.

Alison Chase







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